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The Lion King on Clubhouse

Public Relations, Media Logistics, Social Media Analytics, Content Curation




The Lion King on Clubhouse were performance events that took place December 26, 2020 virtually with 40 people of color across 4 different countries on the audio-only Clubhouse app. 



Since Clubhouse was a new app and we knew that many outlets would accredit any success of the event to the Clubhouse founders, but this event was not sponsored by anyone. It happened organically and amazing people of color that brought this event to life to bring joy during a dark time. We knew that it wasn't enough to do a standard press run. We brought the events to the forefront of social conversation by tapping into the current zeitgeist. Leveraging trending topics, memes and posts, mixed with traditional press outreach and interviews. We also used our strong media relationships to stay on top of the narrative and getting corrections and retractions to any articles that did not attribute the events to the people of color behind them.









The performances got rave reviews and went viral. The official hashtag #TheLionKingCH was trending #2 in the US on Twitter and Facebook. Using public relations we secured interviews for the creators and generated over 1.32B media impressions!! 

** Below is one of the many examples of Artiste House Founder, Indya "Icy" Wright, advocating (and SHAKING THE TABLE) for Black creatives. **

Needless to say... We do not play about US

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