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What makes us special?

We are a team of millennial, multicultural and multidisciplinary ARTISTS.

We also rank in the Top 10 PR Firms in Washington DC!

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Gina Belafonte, Co-Founder of

Indya's work with Artiste House has played a pivotal role in expanding the reach and impact of some past initiatives. Through her innovative approach, she has amplified our organization's message.


Jefferi Lee, Former GM of WHUT

I trust Indya to write copy for any and all business outreach correspondence. She understands diverse communities and I'm honored to let her write for me.


Noelle Chesnut-Whitmore, Former CMO of Geojam

I have had the pleasure of working with Indya and Artiste House for a few different projects. She stepped in to get a great amount of press outreach in a limited amount of time. I highly recommend her!

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Indya "ICY" Wright - Founder


My mission is to make it easier for creatives, impactful projects and people of color to get the recognition they deserve. I fight for representation in the media, create buzz for underrepresented talent & mobilize the media to amplify issues that directly affect my community.

It requires planning, strategic positioning, building brand awareness and intentional brand image to make the public care about your work. I know because I personally made the pivot from working a traditional job, to transitioning to a CEO.

But the very first step I took was telling my story. That ONE article changed the entire trajectory of my life.

Because of that, I can speak first hand to the immense power of the media.

I quickly realized that my gift of storytelling is what created instant opportunity and that it was a second nature passion that did not feel like work. This realization is how Artiste House was born. 


About Indya


Indya Wright, also known as Icy The Artist, is a visionary from Washington, DC, with a passion for storytelling and creativity. She's a multi-talented professional with a diverse background in media, public relations, design, and more.

From an early age, Indya's brilliance earned her prestigious awards and recognition, including the President's Award for Academic Excellence and a spot at the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. She excelled in various creative endeavors, from graphic design to fashion blogging with a massive following.

After pursuing conventional career paths in banking and the legal sector, Indya followed her true calling as a storyteller. Her journey, featured on The Huffington Post and the Steve Harvey Show, led her to establish Artiste House, a creative firm specializing in PR, design, and media production. She's received accolades like the D.C. Mayor's Arts Award and the Stellar Business Award.


Indya is dedicated to championing diversity and representation in creative industries. She's known for orchestrating significant PR campaigns and is deeply involved in various organizations, including the Washington DC Chapter of Harvard Business School and Forbes The Culture.

Beyond her professional achievements, Indya is a mentor, nurturing the next generation of creative freelancers and entrepreneurs. She's an artist at heart, breaking boundaries and crafting her life and career unapologetically. Indya Wright is a true visionary defying conformity.

Now for a few accolades...


  • Titan Arts Award Winner - Graphic Designer of the Year - 2019

  • DC Mayors Arts Award Winner - Excellence in Media Arts - 2020

  • Stellar Business Award - Public Relations

Professional Education:

  • Entrepreneurship Essentials - Harvard Business School

  • Leading in Crisis - LinkedIn Learning w Professor Bill George, Harvard Business School

  • 202Creates Creative Entrepreneur Resident - Presented by Mayor Muriel Bowser

  • Fundamentals of Media Relations - Muck Rack

  • Studio Production - Public Access Corporation of the District of Columbia

  • Crisis Communication - LinkedIn Learning

  • Managing Brand Reputation - LinkedIn Learning

  • eSAT (electronic Security Awareness Training) - ProfitStars

  • Over 30 American Bankers Association certifications


  • Harvard Business School - Chapter Organizer (DC)

  • Meta Boost Leaders Network

  • For(bes) The Culture - Official Member

  • Business Journals Leadership Trust - Official Member

  • Washington Association of Black Journalists - Official Member

Meet the Founder

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